Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bohemian dining in North Cyprus


Jewels of the Med highly recommend this gem of a restaurant situated in the heart of old Nicosia. The atmosphere, the food,  the value for money and the quirky service make it a place to remember, to cherish, and to yearn to go back to!
Having taken in the sights of the Buyuk Han, The Bedestan with the Whirling Dervishes, the Selimiye Mosque, formally St Sophia Catherdral , the Lusignan House, and the Eaved House, you will probably be ready for some lunch and a nice cool refreshing drink. There are numerous street kebab houses, which are really good. There is the trendy Sabor restaurant in the square opposite the mosque, but it is Mosaic Bar & Restaurant that has the real magic!!

Set on one of the ancient town houses, the restaurant has real charm. In the summer dining takes place in the private courtyard. Decorated with antiques from times gone by, it is a truly interesting place to sit and relax with friends. In the cooler months, diners find themselves inside the wonderful house. Either upstairs in your own private dining room or downstairs amongst all the antiques, you can’t fail to be impressed with the ambience of Mosaic.

So the setting and location are fabulous, but what about the food? Amazing!! With mezes from 2tl each, and a main mixed kebab only at 24 tl, this has to be one of the best value restaurants in North Cyprus. The food is lovingly prepared by the owners. Each meze has a unique twist. On our recent visit, we were served the local speciality 'Mulihiya', a spinach like dish, typically served with chicken. Ours was served in lemon juice and garlic - it tasted divine, as did the tiny baked onions that also appeared. There is so much food and even the salad is exquisite!

The bill for 6 of us came to only 103tl – for that we had a meze for six, with chips and the men had grilled chicken and a mixed kebab. There was so much food left we could have taken it home for supper!!!  There were drinks also included in the price! 103tl is approximately £40.00!!!
Now you can see why Jewels of the Med are so happy to share this superb place with you, our valued customers.

You will find Mosaic directly opposite the Selimiye Mosque and their phone number is 0090 392 227 43 17

“AFIYET OLSUN” – Enjoy your meal! And please do send us your feedback on this great restaurant!!

Jewels of the Med - your North Cyprus holiday specialists!!

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