Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Explore Incirli Cave


Welcome to one of the most magical places in North Cyprus!!

Incirli Cave is located just outside the tiny village of Cinarli. Time has stood still in this mountain village, where donkeys and chickens roam freely in the narrow , winding streets. The residents are extremely friendly, many having returned from living in London, so surprisingly English is spoken in this remote beauty spot.
The Incirli Cave is located just outside the village. It is advisable to call either Mustafa or Ozzie on this number before arriving –  0090 533 844 17 55 – you can arrange to meet them and follow them to the cave. It is clearly sign posted, so if you wanted to, you can also walk from the village - it takes about half an hour each way. There is a small entrance fee, about 3tl each, so take a small amount of money with you.

There are no guides and no information, there isn’t really even any health & safety procedures, so all you can do is enter the cave, lit by a generator and then let your imagination run wild! The entrance is actually obscured by a fig tree, hence the name "Fig Tree Cave"!

Once inside there are smooth steps down into the heart of the cave. The floor can be a little slippery due to the natural moisture, so caution is needed (plus, don't wear your flip flops!!) The temperature inside is cooler than outside, so in the Spring months, jumpers are recommended. It is the walls of the cave that make it so fascinating. The cave is inside Gypsum Hill. Gypsum is a soft mineral and when it reacts with water, amazing statactites and stalagmites are formed.  The internal walls glisten with mineral crystals and the statactites and stalagmites look rather like big brains or cauliflowers! You can  explore upto 100 metres of the cave, with the subdued lightening throwing spookey shadows on the walls. It really is quite exciting!
As with all things ancient there is a legend attached to the cave. In ancient times goat thieves would use the cave to hide their stolen goats. The villagers followed tracks to the cave, but could only see the fig tree. Once the thieves believed their secret had been discovered, they escaped from the far end of the cave, although no other exit has ever been found. It was also used as a hide out for the EOKA army in the 1950's.

Once you have explored inside, it is well worth climbing to the top of the cave, to survey the wonderful view. One really feels like you are ontop of the World. Keep a close eye on the rocks, as ancient fossils of sea animals can be found on this mountain range.
Jewels of the Med highly recommend a day trip to this wonderful part of North Cyprus. Hire a car and pack a picnic. Once you have visited the cave, return into the centre of the village and ask for directions to the 'Monumental Tree'. About a mile to the other side of the village is a massive 400 year old pine tree. It is in a stunning location, in the heart of the beautiful Cypriot countryside.

A wonderful picnic spot, locals tie ribbons around the branches of the trees and make wishes. Feel free to follow in local traditions, especially if you wish to return to magnificent North Cyprus.
Jewels of the Med highly recommend a visit to Cinarli and Incirli cave. Please ask our sales representative for more information, and when you make your visit.....don’t forget your camera!

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